December in Europe is a mystical time, with snow-covered landscapes, festive markets, and fascinating surroundings that beckon tourists. Whether you are seeking the joys of wintry weather sports, the warm temperature of historical towns, or the appeal of Christmas markets, Europe has it all. Let’s embark on a journey to discover 15 of the quality locations to visit in December.

Christmas Markets Extravaganza

Winter Wonderland in London

London transforms into a festive paradise at some point in December, with Hyde Park web hosting the famed Winter Wonderland. Dive into the captivating world of ice skating, mulled wine, and twinkling lights.

Strasbourg, France – Capital of Christmas

Known as the Capital of Christmas, Strasbourg boasts the oldest Christmas market in Europe. Explore its charming streets full of wood stalls presenting homemade crafts and delectable treats.

Northern Lights Adventures

Reykjavik, Iceland – A Dance of Colors

In December, Reykjavik will become a canvas for the enchanting Northern Lights. Experience the dance of colors inside the Icelandic sky, making it a completely unique and unforgettable iciness vacation spot.

Tromsø, Norway – Gateway to the Arctic

Tromsø, positioned within the Arctic Circle, offers a front-row seat to the Northern Lights spectacle. Embrace the wintry weather wonderland and find out the Arctic’s breathtaking beauty.

Snow-Covered Romantic Retreats

Hallstatt, Austria – A Fairytale Village

Nestled by means of a pristine lake and surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Hallstatt is a picturesque fairytale village. Its charm is amplified in December, making it a great romantic retreat.

Santorini, Greece – Winter Charm

Experience the quieter side of Santorini in December. The island’s white-washed buildings against a backdrop of the deep blue sea create a serene and romantic ecosystem.

Historical Charm in December

Prague, Czech Republic – A Gothic Christmas

Prague’s Gothic architecture takes on a mystical high-quality in December. Wander through the ancient Old Town Square, decorated with festive lighting and the aroma of conventional Czech delights.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany – Medieval Magic

Step back in time to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a medieval gem. Its nicely preserved homes and cobblestone streets create a fairy tale taking place during the holiday season.

Mild Winter Escapes

Barcelona, Spain – Sunny December Days

For the ones looking for milder temperatures, Barcelona gives sunny days and a colorful ecosystem in December. Explore Gaudi’s masterpieces and indulge in Spanish delicacies.

Lisbon, Portugal – Coastal Beauty

Lisbon’s coastal attractions stay intact even in winter. Stroll alongside the historic neighborhoods, enjoy clean seafood, and soak within the splendor of the Atlantic shoreline.

Festive Scandinavia

Stockholm, Sweden – Glittering Lights

Stockholm dazzles in December with glittering lights and festive decorations. Discover the metropolis’s wealthy cultural scene and enjoy traditional Swedish cuisine.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Hygge Holidays

Embrace the Danish concept of hygge in Copenhagen during December. Cozy up in charming cafes, explore Christmas markets, and enjoy the warm temperature of this Nordic capital.

Alpine Magic

Zermatt, Switzerland – Majestic Matterhorn

Zermatt, nestled under the iconic Matterhorn, gives a magical iciness revel in. Ski inside the shadow of the Alps and delight in Swiss hospitality on this Alpine paradise.

Chamonix, France – Gateway to Mont Blanc

Chamonix, the gateway to Mont Blanc, is a haven for wintry weather sports activities fanatics. From skiing to snowboarding, this French Alpine city has it all.

Cultural Delights

Vienna, Austria – Music and Art Galore

Vienna’s cultural scene comes alive in December. Immerse your self in classical tune, go to grand palaces, and enjoy the city’s wealthy cultural history.

Florence, Italy – Renaissance in Winter

Discover the Renaissance allure of Florence in iciness. Marvel at iconic art, walk thru historic streets, and bask in Tuscan cuisine amidst a quieter ambiance.

Adventurous Winter Sports

Innsbruck, Austria – Snow Sports Hub

Innsbruck, surrounded by using snow-capped peaks, is a hub for winter sports activities. Ski, snowboard, or actually revel in the Alpine splendor of this Austrian gem.

Interlaken, Switzerland – Adrenaline Junkie’s Paradise

Interlaken, nestled among Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, is an adrenaline junkie’s paradise. Experience paragliding, snowboarding, and other winter adventures in opposition to a beautiful backdrop.

Warmth of Mediterranean Islands

Malta – A Historical Haven

Escape the wintry weather relax on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Explore its rich records, historic ruins, and experience a non violent retreat by the azure waters.

Cyprus – Sun-Kissed Serenity

Cyprus gives solar-kissed serenity in December. Relax on pristine beaches, discover historic ruins, and soak in the Mediterranean solar in the course of the winter months.

Christmas at Hogwarts

Edinburgh, Scotland – Harry Potter Magic

Edinburgh, with its historical allure, takes on a mystical air of mystery in December. Experience Christmas at Hogwarts in the coronary heart of Scotland’s capital.

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Game of Thrones Vibes

Dubrovnik, acknowledged for its Game of Thrones filming places, is a completely unique December destination. Explore the historical metropolis partitions and immerse your self in its medieval attraction.

New Year’s Eve Extravaganza

Berlin, Germany – Iconic Fireworks

Berlin hosts an iconic New Year’s Eve celebration with spectacular fireworks at the Brandenburg Gate. Join the festivities and welcome the new 12 months in fashion.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Countdown on Canals

Amsterdam’s canals offer a picturesque backdrop for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Enjoy the festive ecosystem and countdown to the new 12 months in this colourful metropolis.

Tips for a December European Adventure

Prepare for the winter climate, take a look at event calendars for festive activities, and embody the nearby traditions. Plan your itinerary to make the maximum of your European December journey.


December in Europe gives a numerous tapestry of studies, from snowy landscapes to festive markets and cultural delights. Whether you searching for winter sports activities, ancient charm, or a romantic retreat, Europe has some thing for every person. Embrace the magic of December in these 15 exquisite destinations.