Guide to Selling Your Home

In today’s market who needs a realtor basically no one, they do not do anything for you anyway and charge huge fees as high as 6% think about it this way you can use your hard-earned money towards down payment of another home, this is why a future record of homeowners will choose dreambuyrent to list their property’s saving them thousands of dollars in realtor fees.

This powerful guide will help you sell your home without a realtor.

Step one: know your market, the price of homes in your local area. The pricing points of which comparable homes recently sold for, listing your home through dreambuyrent cost are as low as $3.99 per month. Yes, you heard that right.

We help you market your home through our extensive online avenues.

Step two; Make sure your home is move-in ready for the potential buyer, cleanliness, de clutter even if that means renting a storage unit to de clutter some of your belongings, this can make an enormous difference in the presentation of your home, the yard is also important a well-kept Landscape can really impress a potential buyer, does your home in need of any repairs, walls painting, plumbing, light fixtures or is any of the rooms dark and gloomy adding a light fixture and celling fan, remember presentation of your home will help you the sellersell your home

Step three; Overall we all do not like realtor commissions but there are ways around the higher commissions, offer a small commission one or two percent to a buyer’s agent realtor in your terms and conditions remember when your sale your home by owner on a popular listing site like dreambuyrent you will have these pesty realtors calling you wanting them to list with them, they really do nothing for you but throw up your listing on  multiple listing services that in turn is costing you money that is factored into the relators commission’s

Step Four; Besides listing your home with us, use the power of the internet to help market your home through powerful social sharing tools, your home may even be featured on the home page of dreambuyrent, think of it this way we have all heard of Forbes magazine, right?  or people’s magazine. Who gets to be on the 

front cover? Someone that has a lot of money to pay for marketing, we cannot stress enough how affordable we are.

Step Five; Get a professional photographer to shoot some professional photos and at least one video of the home you are selling, pictures are worth a thousand words, now granted all jokes aside do not post selfies, no punt intended. Remember not all photographers are mean just because they are taking pictures of your home some of them will shoot you then frame you and hang you on the wall, lol.       

Step six; Call a local attorney in your area that specializes in real-estate to draft any title searches and contract for selling your home, most attorneys that specialize in real-estate may have some already drafted up.

Personal notes from editor:

Do You have a HOA, we all have heard horror stories about people loosing there home or getting fined because they were a proud veteran that wanted to fly a flag in their front yard, or they just came home from Home Depot with some bricks or bags of dirt to make some home improvements and left the items in the front yard, the next thing you know they are getting a letter in the mail or getting fined to remove the items, let me tell you most Hoa Neighbor hoods rules are slimeballs and did you know you probably do not own the mineral rights, meaning you only own the surface, you ask why this is important? Say you own 2 acres and the county decides to put in gas lines, you will get no royalties from the minerals and most developers to whom have established the plots have taking them with them and earning a residual income while you are paying the gas bill, another good example say you are digging to plant a tree and you find treasure in the ground, well guess what? You do not get to keep it because you do not own the mineral rights. We would also like to point out, have you ever looked at a listing when buying a home and there was no Hoa listed in the listing or the realtor never mentioned that there was even a Hoa before showing the property, this is a deception tactic that all realtors use How many relators do you know say: before I show you the property : I want you to know ‘No mineral Rights come with property and you have Hoa fees” of course. 99.999 percent do not because they only really care about their sales, just like a car salesperson. Some people like Hoa neighborhoods because they claim it keeps tidy on the outside appearance.

Many Hoa neighborhoods cannot even keep the trees properly maintained; did you know during the proper season you can trim them as much as 40 percent without harming the tree, this is important to allow moving trucks as well as fire trucks to be able to access the event of a fire or allow someone to move in or out, just imagine your house catches on fire and the fire truck has to trim trees for 20 minutes just to get to your house to distingué the fire, all trees and electrical lines in most states have to be 14 foot or higher. In the event of a storm and the tree snaps because it is hanging low you may have recourse to charge the HOA association.

Protecting the farmers and their land for future generations:

If you have a farm, one suggestion might be to put in the deed at your local courthouse that your farm may never ever be in-part of a sub-division or have a Hoa and may never be subdivided this way the farm is protected for many generations to come and can provide food for families for years to come.

Now let us talk briefly about eminent domain and its meaning:

It allows the government to take your land to facilitate public highways, state parks, water ways, pipelines or setting aside open space for future generations.

Keep in mind that if you are forced to move and sell your home because of eminent domain you will be offered a fair market price but consider this: say the reason was to put in a tollway, airport, did they really offer you a fair market price the reason behind this. You have sold your property and three months later the value of your property has tripled, is it not reasonable for you to receive additional compensation for the tollway, airport, state park because of the increased value of property you once owned?