Discover fun while in Big Texas

Things To Do In Texas

Texas, being the second largest state in the United States, is fully jammed and loaded with endless possibilities for fun and adventure. With its diverse geography and culture, Texas offers its visitors a plethora of unique attractions and things to do. The cities, exotic beaches, mountains, deserts are a few of the extensive vacation possibilities that the state has.

One of the best vacation and rental websites,, has put together the top 8 things to do and places to visit while in Texas. So, for ideas on where to go, what to see, and to know what experiences await you, read through this list of ours. 

1. Visit The Nasa Space Center

Are you into astronomy? Houston hosts the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center- a $1.5 billion worth complex over 1620 acres of land. Inside the space Center, you will come across 400 space artifacts, permanent and temporary exhibits, theatres, and many more attractions related to America’s remarkable human space flight program. You can touch actual rocks of the moon inside the Lunar Vault. If you have kids along, this place will give you the best experiences.

2. Walk Along The San Antonio’s Riverwalk

The San Antonio River Walk is located in the city’s heart and is lined with beautiful restaurants and dreamy outdoor patios. You can sit alongside the river, dine, and even have a leisurely cruise on a riverboat. The walkway winds and weaves itself through the lanes of the city while hugging the river, and you can have a pleasant walk. The best place to visit for a peaceful and satisfying experience.

3.Go On A Hike To Gorman Falls

This 60 feet waterfall gushing into a fern-filled grotto will blow your mind away. Placed at the Colorado Bench State Park, you have to hike for about 1.5 miles to reach here. A breathtaking experience this is. Hiking enthusiasts will love it here.

4. Have Fun At Six Flags Fiesta

This theme park is wound around 200 acres and offers all experiences that will mesmerize your kids. This place is filled with roller coasters, entertaining shows, and fun activities for both adults and kids. Restaurants serving delicious food are all over the place, so you can catch a bite and stop by souvenir shops to gather some collectibles.

5. Experience The Magic At Enchanted Rock

This is the second-largest granite dome in the U.S. If you want to spend some time stargazing those big and bright Texas stars, this is an ideal place. But that is not all. The coolest feature of this enormous pink batholith is that native tribes once believed the rock to be haunted, and the legend says that anyone who stays overnight becomes invisible. Tune yourself in for some Harry Potter experience.

6. Lay On The Sandy Beaches At Padre Island

Padre is the world’s longest barrier island, positioned along the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Its white sandy beaches are one of a kind. As one among popular listing sites, we will help you find unique vacation rentals from where you can stare at the colorful and dreamy sunset or walk to and lie on the sandy beaches. You can go deep-sea fishing here too.

7. Get Artistic At Cadillac Ranch

This is a public art and sculpture installation. Associated with a remarkable history, this place covered in graffiti, and all visitors are welcome to leave their unique mark! Carry some spray paint with you, and don’t forget to snap some pictures- the reason being whatever you create at Cadillac Ranch might last only a few hours before someone else creates their art.

These are just a few of the many attractions this incredible place has to offer you. The right place for accommodation will add to your vacation joy.

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