Frequently asked questions

We facilitate to have properties on this website that someone can come to and find what they are looking for all on one site. Looking for a vacation, (be it a vacation home or timeshare) or to buy something. It can be done here! It is important to us to provide this service at a reasonable price and accessible to all.

Yes, even if you cancelled your membership. Your property will no longer be displayed once your membership ends. If you want to you are welcome to renew your membership. You can still log into your account.

You have not completed your listing. Please follow these steps to assure your listings are Complete.

Use STRIPE to link your bank account to the system to receive money from your listings. Stripe handles all major Credit Cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover

  • Create your account user name and password.
  • Validate your email.
  • Describe and title you’re listing as detailed as possible.
  • Photos and videos are yours to upload. Use as you like.
  • Choose your own pricing with the built in 2-year calendar. Cleaning fees, deposits and extra person fee as well as the price of rental are yours to choose. Your cleaning professionals can be your eyes to save in hiring any management company to allow you to save money and rent lower if you want and put more money in your pocket.
  • Location or your rentals and activities in the area. It is also important to put excellent directions to you home. Provide as much information as possible to allow renters to choose you over someone else’s.
  • Amenities: This is important to let people know what is there in the vacation home. Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedrooms, General commodities are often the different between yours and another’s.

Click creates new account here: Then link the account you created with This allows you to collect your money from renters.

Complete all your steps on your Dashboard, validate your e-mail, register on stripe, upload photos, describe your rental property, if possible, video of property, all fees or costs of rental. Easy as 123!!!!

Yes, you may cancel your listing/s at any time. Although at the end of your term period of membership your ad will no longer be displayed. You can still log-in and retrieve any messages on your account. (Remember there are NO long term contracts giving you the power to succeed!).

The fees are in the Terms and Conditions. (They are so small you going to LOVE IT)!!

You are in control of that. You are able to use people of your choice which allows you to have control of your cost and be comfortable with whom you use. This takes out any middle man. This puts more money in your pocket and allows you to rent at a lower rate.

It is up to Each Vacation Owner to allow or disallow any cancelation.

Yes; but is only between the Renter and the Owner., LLC name may not be mentioned in your additional requirements.