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Our company goal is to provide a website that help people to find their wishes. where they can create, list, find and book unique vacation rentals or buy or rent around the USA or the world, whether through our website or our mobile applications.                 

Hosting your vacation rental

Through dreambuyrent.com allows your personal freedom as an entrepreneur. A lot of it rides on the host that list a vacation rental online, while creating stunning photos is important in a listing as well as location, the description is what will keep them there!                                                           

We help you address and target guest, we help you target the right audiences by allowing you to add tag lines and key words within your dashboard. To help with your listings which allows you to get better results for families looking to go on a vacation. So, when creating your listing stand out from others. Like what’s nearby, amenities, what the vacation rental offers and what it does not offer, create stunning photos. Videos “descriptions are important” try to keep them between 700-900 characters and to the point.

When creating a headline keep it short and sweet, here are a few examples:

Beautiful Home with Private Pool & Hot Tub, Pets Welcome, Golf Cart Included

Luxury Log Home with Stunning Views, Enjoy Nature, Secluded

Beach Home Has It All, Walking Distance to Beach

Stunning Log Home Overlooking Private Lake, Has It All

Most headlines that are short and captivating will draw in your guest to keep reading and perhaps want to rent from you, always keep your rental property updated.  When writing your description include a few key words in your listing to help with search result. Bigger vacation rental sites don’t have the advantages of smaller sites, here is why: 

Your rental gets clogged with so many other listings that it may take a while to get rented out, benefits of listing your home with a smaller site is your property will get shown more often and not get lost in the shuffle, we hope you join us.

For Sale By Owner:

 We have a place for you to list at only as low as $3.99 per month you could save thousands of dollars from realtor commissions and with the federal interest rate on the incline it just makes more sense to sell your home with us, there are no commissions for selling a home

Here is a do-it-yourself-guide to help you get started:

Create your home listing and make sure it is buyer ready

Search on Zillow to find out what similar homes sell for in your local area

Make sure your listing stands out for home buyers

Receive messages from potential buyers

Ask for a pe-approval letter from the bank from your buyer before showing

Have a lawyer draft up a selling contract, be specific in contract like what the property comes with and does not come with or are you selling as-is

Let dreambuyrent showcase your listing to help you sell.

Rv Rentals:

We connect Rv and camper owners with people and families that want to rent them out and set out on their own adventure, outdoor adventures can be an exciting family time spent together.

Fill out our form with the internal Rv listing platform within our dashboard

Set up your own rules and requirements and pricing

make sure you have insurance for your RV renters

then sit back and hear from people that want to rent out your camper, you’re all set!

Experiences and what they are:

Advertise your business locally ranging from horseback riding, zip-lines, guided tours, fishing trips, boat rentals, Jet ski rentals, art classes, yoga classes, you are connecting travelers with activities to do, led by local people that enjoy doing and want to share it with you.

Bottom line, you’re coming soon listing awaits.