The Great Story Tombstone Arizona (Western Legends)

The Streets of Tombstone are said to be filled with many western legend spirits such as Marshal-Fred-White, Curly Bill Brocius, Virgil Earp, Ike Clayton, Doc Holliday just to name a few.  There are many ghost stories to tell from the locals and spirits that can be felt though out the streets.

           Today gunfights are reenacted on the streets and through local parlors and at the ok corral, Tombstone Arizona is by far one of the coolest western towns we have ever got to see with horse drawn buggies  and  cowboys roaming the streets you really feel like you have step back in to the 1800’s if you are interested in sharing your vacation rental then climb on board. Dreambuyrent  is where legends are made.

Things to do during your stay, visit boot hill cemetery at more than 250 graves from the lawless past ranging from Prospectors, Outlaws, prostitutes, lawmen, Over the years the cemetery has fell into despair from souvenir hunters and have just fall over because many were made from wood. In the 1940’s the famous cemeteries begin to restore it. Today Boot Hill Graveyard is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

One of the oldest and original buildings is The Bird Cage Theater, when it first opened in 1881 it become known to be the wildest place in town, during 1881 through 1989 it was open 24 hours a day behind closed doors there was lots of drinking, gambling and fun with the ladies, Today the building remains in tact with 140 rillettes of bullet holes around 26 deaths at the time of the shootout, Serving as a guided tour museum today tourist can see the famous Grand Piano, original 140 bullet holes, the narrow stair cases that lead to the small bedrooms upstairs, the haunted grand room, poker room, and small jail cells. Many ghost stories can be told by the owners, visitors that today still haunt the famous bird cage.

Nellies Cashman’s restaurant Both customer’s and staff have witnessed playful spirits, there have been reports from the staff that upon arriving the next morning for a workday some items have been rearranged as well as strange noises, glass breaking and other unknown sounds, lights have also been known to turn on and off by themselves. Once was a boarding house to a woman that was murdered by a man, could this be the woman lurking around the restaurant today?

Bufford House serving as a Bed & Breakfast a ghost by the name of George Buford refuses to leave this place, some time in the late 1900’s George a gold prospector fell in love with a girl across the street known as Petra. George returning from a trip out searching for gold after seeing Petra accompanied by another man from a walk thought he lost the love of his life and shot her twice then turned the gun on himself which he died and she survived, many believe George still walks around the streets and one women have felt there being touched while no one was around,, George will often ring the door bell or knock on the walls in the middle of the night. To my readers I ask you this!  What kind of horses do ghost ride?     A nightmare.

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon which got its name from the Grand Hotel which was once known as the finest hotels to stay in during 1880 the hotel provided 16 lavish bedrooms, the grand kitchen could serve as many as 500 people throughout the day, there was even hot and cold running water. Some of its famous registered guests were Doc Holiday, Virgil Earp, Wyatt Earp, Clayton Gang, Ike Clanton, also another resident which lived in the basement as a janitor was given free room and board for his duties, They called him the Swamper back in them days, he also had his own mine shaft that ran under the streets, He would spend hours tunneling trough the nearby mine shafts in search of silver, what he did with is large hoarding of silver is unknown but many believe it may be buried underneath Big Nose Kates Saloon.  In 1882 there was a large fire that destroyed most of the building, today it is known as Big Kate’s Saloon several changes have been made since it burned down the bar area which was originally in the old hotels basement is now on the main level, the basement is now a gift shop which still holds the mine shaft, The bar itself still hold the original long bar that survived during the fire, There are many haunted spirits that have been seen or happened, objects being moved or thrown, ghostly spirits captured in pictures taken from guest, One thing is for sure that the atmosphere, live music, food and amicable service from the waitress and staff was above and beyond our expectations. Why did the ghost get kicked out of the bar?   Because he got sheet faced.

Another place to visit is the Good Enough Mine Shaft a  historical mine shaft  out of 25 in operation today, when you go on the tour you will be guided by a professional and knowledgeable guide and learn about all the silver mining from the late 1879 You will earn what the ore looked like and how they processed it, you will see beautiful artifacts that are more than 130 years old, tours are around 45 minutes but they do offer longer tours for the brave.

Tombstone is a cute western town that refuses to die with its stage coaches and gunfights within the town you can find what they call the rose tree which is estimated to be more then 130 years old and is in the Guinness book of records you can also pay a visit to the Tombstone Rose Tree Museum and Book Store, We hoped you enjoyed this read, Tombstone Arizona is one of our favorite western towns that brings you back in time follow us on Social Media to share and learn more about the places we travel