Vacation Rental Guide

This Guide Will Help You, The Short Term Home Owner Become Experienced with Guest Needs and Likes. 

We provide you with the ultimate steps and guidance, so your guest want to come back and rent again.

We want travelers to be so impressed with your rental that they go out and tell their friends about their experience with your short-term rental.

It can be quite a challenge in running a business and keeping your guest happy.

Be quick in responding to your guest with any questions or concerns that they might have.

Do you allow pets?

Is Your Place Kid-Friendly?

Do you provide any amenities such as a starter pack which includes toiletries, towels, soap, tooth paste, laundry detergent.

Ask you’re guest, what is important to them while on vacation? is it their stay or perhaps the price, by any means you want your travelers coming back and renting again.

Our goal is to market your vacation rental to millions of users.

Vacation rental investments have gained momentum over the last few years and cases studied have shown this provides more accommondations for families to stay while on vacation.

Buying a vacation rental property requires you to understand the local markets, pricing, competitveness, unlike tradtional of the buy and sale properties. Buy a vacation rental property which holds value and a steady income to your portfolio throughout the year.

Set up a cleaning service in your local area of your rental, they can also be your eyes as to the condtion of the rental once guest have checked out or if any damages have occured.

The location of your rental can also be important, we are sure you heard the old saying, location, location, location.. Very important  for you to have many amenities for your guest to enjoy such as zip lines, pool, arcade room, entertainment center, bar, etc, all of these play a important role as to whether or not your guest will even want to leave.

Now that you have your vacation home ready to rent look at the local market in your area, also would your vaction rental listing appeal to guest in the winter as well as the summer, their are alot of great rental sites out there but one that appeals to many is dreambuyrent because of the extensive and creative ways to having multiple listing options, for sale by owner, rv rentals, experiences, vacation rentals all in one site.

Understand the flow of what events go on throughout the year, anotherwords during peak season you maybe able to charge more, Does the area have special events during specific times of the month like bike week in Myrtle Beach, SC or sking in Vail, Coloarado or pehaps one of our favorite towns Tombstone,Az which have cowboy shootouts throughout the year, understanding your local area will help you determine the prices you can set for your home, here is one of the best vacation rental site.

If you want to understand your net profits on a vacation rental home lets look a little deeper.

Is your rental free and clear? or do you have a mortage? If free and clear your profits will be much bigger, if you are paying a mortage most people will set the rental to about 20 percent higher then the mortage, either way your goal is to make money each month from your rental, the important thing is to not to scare away potential renters in being over priced, remember volume and steady income is always better but on the other hand do not undercut your competiton other factors to consider, are their HOA fees, insurance, maintenance, property management fees through us you can act as your own land lord or choose a reputable property managment company.

Once you have learned our guidelines or have a few great ones of your own you can now list with us, you may also consider listing with multiple sites for more exposure, if you live in a hot-spot destination or even in a rural area. remember to rent like a pro and you have your own rental website with double exposure it provides your rental more possible bang for your buck and more succesful in filling your calender months.