Oregon City: The 2023 Ultimate Living & Moving to Oregon City Guide

Oregon City has existed for some time. In actuality, longer than any other west coast metropolis. It was officially formed in 1844, making it the first American city west of the Rocky Mountains.

Oregon City, a little suburb of Portland, attracts new inhabitants every year with its attractive atmosphere and small-town charm.

Are you considering relocating to Oregon City to explore its amenities? This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the details you need to determine whether relocating to Oregon City is the best option for you.

People of Oregon City

Early in the nineteenth century, Oregon City was a fairly small town that expanded gradually over the course of its first century. Despite the fact that growth has generally been slow—with the exception of the 1990s when more than 11,000 people relocated—the numbers are nevertheless steadily increasing every year. There are now about 35,000 people living in Oregon City.

Locals in this neighborhood on Portland’s outskirts, which is fewer than 10 square miles in size, genuinely appreciate the small-town atmosphere and convenient access to the major metropolis. The city has a 38-year-old median age and is safe, making it a wonderful spot to start a family or retire.

End of the Oregon Trail

The location that has been recognized as the End of the Oregon Trail may be found if you look on a map near Oregon City’s northern region. The historical trail makes reference to the 2000-mile route that many early pioneers and immigrants made from Independence, Missouri in an effort to start anew on the western side of the United States. The well-known computer game Oregon Trail, which gave players an understanding of the trials and tribulations these people encountered along the way, is probably familiar to many of you.

In Oregon City, The End of the Oregon Trail includes a local tourist center where dressed-up guides provide tours of the exhibits and respond to inquiries about what life was like in the mid-1800s.

Activities and Dining in Oregon City

You’ll probably be interested in more things to do in Oregon City once you’ve had a chance to study the background of the Oregon Trail. In Oregon City, there are lots of enjoyable, interesting, and even cost-free activities. The McLoughlin House, which is representative of the tradition and way of life many people experienced during the early settlement days of this region, has more history to share with you. 

And if you want to see the entire town from above, go to the 130-foot-tall observation deck of the Oregon City Municipal Elevator, which is outside.

After a hard day at the workplace or caring for your children, are you ready for a drink? Visit The Highland Still house, a bar in the Scottish tradition, for a wide selection of fantastic beers on tap and other snacks. Visit Rivershore Bar & Grill, one of Oregon City’s top eateries, to savor everything from tender steaks and clam chowder to spinach dip and fish and chips.

Price of Living in Oregon City

Compared to most other parts of the state, Oregon City has a higher cost of living, particularly when it comes to the property market and local transportation. However, as a consolation, costs for items like healthcare and household utilities are between 15% and 20% more than the national average.

Do you intend to purchase a home nearby? Currently, a house in Oregon City costs $418,100 on average. The local market is heating up, having increased by roughly 5% over the last year and is projected to grow by another 2% over the following 12 months.

The typical rent in Oregon City ranges from around $1,610 per month for a one-bedroom apartment to $2,335 per month for a larger property with four or five bedrooms if you’re not quite ready to become a homeowner.

Safe, Comfortable Oregon City Neighborhoods

When choosing from the many neighborhoods in Oregon City, which is one of the top 20 safest cities in Oregon, you won’t need to worry. The McLoughlin neighborhood, one of the best areas, offers homeowners vistas of the surrounding Abernethy Creek. Additionally, it offers the quickest access to the 99-E motorway, which connects Oregon City with Portland.

Along with Rivercrest and Barclay Hills close to the city center, other well-liked neighborhoods include Clackamas Heights and Park Place on the north side of the city, and the Gaffney Lake area to the south.

The county seat of Clackamas County is located in Oregon City, which is home to the 97045 zip code. You may anticipate an area code of 503 if you’re relocating to Oregon City and intend to change your phone number.

Oregon City School System

Small pupils from families with young children will enroll in the Oregon City School District 62. John McLoughlin Elementary, Redland Elementary, and Gardiner Middle School are among the places for children in the primary grades.

One of Oregon’s top 25 high schools in Oregon City Senior High. Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences and the Alliance Charter Academy, which accepts students from kindergarten through the 12th grade, are two more nearby high school alternatives.

Local Jobs and Commuting from Oregon City to Portland

Since Oregon City is mostly a residential region, employment opportunities—outside of the community college and other retail establishments—are quite limited. Nevertheless, there are a few factories in the neighborhood, including Bench made, Industrial Metal Works, and Northwest Precision Fabricators.

Most local employees travel less than 15 miles, seldom more than the 35-minute journey from Oregon City to Portland.

Comfortable Weather Paired with Some Rain & Humidity

Overall, the climate in Oregon City is pleasant, with lows in the 30s during the coldest winter months and highs in the mid-80s during the hottest months. You should be prepared for roughly 43 inches of yearly rainfall and a substantial level of humidity if you intend to live in Oregon City. The region experiences around 140 sunny days on average per year, which is quite typical for most of the Northwest.

Advice on Relocating to Oregon City

  • Reside in the city known as the terminus of the legendary Oregon Trail
  • The small town with convenient access to Portland
  • To obtain a decent price on your house, be sure to check at the housing market.
  • Plan on travelling to a large metropolis if you don’t work in manufacturing.
  • There will be rain, so prepare an umbrella and waterproof clothes.

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