Things to do in Washington State

What do you think of you of when you are talking about taking a vacation and they mention Washington, D.C. right? Wrong, D.C. is nice but not today; we are talking about the 42nd state of the United States. My sister lives there so I have many fond memories the state. A few years ago, my other two sister and myself went to visit our sister in Washington and these are some of places we travelled. People think of Seattle with Space Needle. It all started with a doodle on a napkin. Mr. Edward E. Carlson in 1959 came up with an ideal for the 1962 World Fair. When it opened there was an estimated 2.62 million visitors including Prince Phillip, Elvis, John Wayne, Bob Hope, Neil Armstrong, Lyndon Johnson, Walt Disney and many more. If you have a fear of height, you can handle it, I did. It is just beautiful up there. If you still don’t want to conquer it, you can stay inside, and they are handicap accessible.  That is just one thing. You have fisherman wharf, Original Starbucks, cannoli to enjoy. You can take rides on boats to cross the bay to the islands or just stay and learn about Seattle and the unique Ferris wheel. The Fisherman Wharf was started in turn of the 19th century as a port for the Puget Sound.  Market was there for the local fisherman. Originally it was opened air but later covered and over time became what it is today. From the guys throwing fish to a hot of joe at the original Starbucks and all the shops, it is a must do if you travel to Seattle. There are also several islands you can travel to by taking a cruise or ferry across the Sound. In all there is 35 islands, but Bainbridge is the most populated. If you follow Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, you might remember they were at the Streamliner Diner on one show. There are 7 wineries on Bainbridge as well as many other things to do. So, the question is which island is for you.

Moving on to other area of Washington. Like skiing, snowboarding, activities spent in the snow. Snowfall is common in western Washington, especially around Puget Sound. Snohomish County averages about 15 inches of snow per year while King County receives about 24 inches. Spokane got 44.9 inches last year and Spokane County with 45.1inches. So, there is plenty of areas of the state to enjoy yourself. If you are looking for places to visit, go to Leavenworth It’s adorable any time of year, including winter. The German-themed town is a great place to stay with its Bavarian appeal (even the gas station in town looks like it’s right out of the Bavarian Alps). While it’s not large, you can easily enjoy a shorter vacation (it’s perfect for a weekend getaway) right on its main street-shop, have some German beer and food, or catch a theater performance. It is a great place to shop for Christmas.

But you’re missing out if you don’t venture out of Leavenworth as this town is best when it’s used as a base for the surrounding winter paradise as it’s perched next to ski resorts, trails perfect for snowshoeing or snowmobiling, and even a Reindeer farm Stevens Pass Resort the Leavenworth Ski Hill and Mission Ridge Ski Resort are all easy to get to. Always check the town events calendar to see what’s happening. You might catch an alp horn performance! Ricolaaaa! Another mountain lodge that makes a spectacular winter vacation base Sun Mountain lodge The nearby Methow Valley and surrounding Okanogan Country are sweet any time of year, but in the winter they transform. Surrounding the lodge are Hundreds of miles of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, as well as tubing hills, places to go sledding, snow-parks and places to go ice skating. If that’s not exciting enough for you, you can even go heli-skiing in the nearby North Cascades.

Washington is also known for its apples. The valleys and plateaus just Easts of the Cascades Mountains are ideal for growing the world’s favorite apples. So, you ask why I want to go to the apple country of Washington, well there are things to do. Such as the heart of Washington apple country is the Wenatchee Valley. Its waterfront orchards embrace the region’s rushing rivers, producing crisp, delicious apples in every color and flavor. Between the Columbia and Snake Rivers lies the broad Columbia Basin. Its rich volcanic soil, fed by the cool waters of the Columbia, nurtures vast acres of apples. Now you have Columbia River. The Columbia River is the fourth largest by volume in North America — and to Washingtonians, it’s a beloved part of history (and the present). This majestic body of water provides them with power, fish, recreation, and endless beauty, and they feel truly lucky to have it. So, what about vacations ideas —-the sky is the limit. Cruises, tours, water rafting, fishing are water ideas, But what on land, well how about The Grand Coulee Dam. The dam was constructed in 1933 and 1934, and even today, it’s one of the largest concrete structures in the world. The Laser Light is back this year. Which began in 1989 and is one of the largest laser lights show in the U.S. It is something you never forget, because I saw it in the first couple of years, but I still recommend it now, it is back after being closed for the last two years. They also have fireworks on Memorial Day weekend and the fourth of July. This show runs from Memorial Day until September 30th. Remember to check on tours of the Dam as well. Memories last a lifetime. I remember going to the park in Grand Coulee which I visited when my sister got married a few moons ago. Also, there are campgrounds and 3 Golf courses. Five boat launches on three different lakes offering more than 600 miles of shoreline. Beaches are mostly undeveloped because the land is federally owned. So, this is a sample of my things to do; what are your plans to do in Washington.